Diamond Jewellery in Lahore

For all the Pakistani ladies who love owning diamond jewellery, Lahore is an excellent place in which to buy quality diamond jewellery at prices which can sometimes be almost 50% cheaper than in other Cities.

The Best Jewellery in Lahore


Locating the perfect jewellery in Lahore to compliment your ensemble is easy thanks to this splurgeworthy and affordable store of jewellery in Lahore



The simplest way to transition your style between seasons involves upgrading your diamond and gold jewellery. The hardest part is finding the cheapest and best jewellery shop in Lahore to snatch up those precious gold and diamond jewellery. It’s easy to track down costume jewels or cheap necklaces at Lahore’s jewellery stores. But nestled inside boutiques and gift shops is where the true gems lie—pun intended. Whether you’re hunting the jewellery for presents, an engagement rings or something pretty and shiny for yourself, you’ll find the trendiest offerings at Haroon Sharif Jeweller’s which the best jewellers in Lahore.



Haroon Sharif Jewellers:

Fine-jewellery designs in gold, vintage diamond pieces and engagement rings make up this amazing jewellery shop Inside the Emporium Mall Lahore. Inside you’ll find a wide selection of styles gold jewellery whatever it is gold earrings, gold rings for wedding, gold bangles for bridals, gold necklaces for wedding which aren’t limited to future brides and grooms where prices range from splurgey items like a rose-gold antler diamond necklace.



Haroon Sharif Jewellers specializes in custom made gold necklaces and gold pendants, including any combination of metals, diamonds and gemstones. Therefore, your choice is not limited to the selection. Whether you want to choose from one of your classic styles or create something completely unique, Haroon Sharif Jeweller’s jewellery can make a perfect diamond pendant to suit any style and budget, or for a special occasion. You can use their many display pieces to help you choose a style, or alternatively, you can bring in your own ideas or pictures and their jewellers can help you to design something special and truly unique.


All Haroon Sharif Jewellers wedding jewellery are custom made at their jewellery store in Lahore. For the finest quality of wedding jewellery and personal services, come in for a no-obligation appointment at their jewellery store and try on their large collection of engagement ring styles. Any design is possible, and they are the experts in matching engagement rings perfectly to any wedding ring design.

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